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How do you break in Blundstones

Our guide to breaking in a new pair of leather boots.

Breaking in boots has some arduous connotations, but rest assured that to maximize your Blundstones’ use and ensure their longevity won’t require hours of YouTube tutorials or home remedies. Simply wearing your new pair of Blundstones means making them your perfect, comfortable fit whether for walking, light hiking, concert-going, city slicking, or smart-casual wear.

Sturdy and stylish from the outset, Blundstone boots are constructed from premium leather. The initial sturdiness of the boots should not mislead you as it is simply the durable and solid nature of the leather. Consistent wearing will personalize and shape your Blundstones to suit you and become a comfy and durable addition to your wardrobe. Once you get through the brief break-in period of these new shoes, you’ll have a beautiful pair of new Blundstone boots that fit your foot perfectly.

A First Step To Breaking in Blundstones


Blundstones are known for their unmatched comfort, but it is still important to ensure you are selecting the correct fit to optimise your use. From the outset, it is worth spending some time finding the right fit for your leather boots.

Be sure to start with the correct sizing to cushion your feet snugly without constricting them, to get the most out of your Blundstones. Remember that no amount of break-in hacks can ease the discomfort of ill-fitting new boots.

Blundstone boots fit true to size but we recommend trying on your potential purchase to see whether you might select a half size up for a wider fit. Similarly, it is worth noting what socks or stockings you intend to wear with your boots. Use the sizing guide when ordering online (the AU/UK size is stamped on the bottom of the boot), or try standing in the boots if you are trying the new pair on in person. Some styles have a removable insole which allows for size adjustment, while the Dress series of Blundstone boots has a slightly longer fit.

So, do Blundstones stretch? Well, the answer is that while they certainly mold to your feet widthways, they will not elongate!

Fit Feels and Sizing


Blundstone Boots run true to size, so order up a half size for a wider fit.

Our Boots also cater to a variety of fit preferences. For example our Classic Chelsea boot #585 is made from a more supple leather with leather lining for comfort, meaning that these boots will have a more relaxed fit from the get go. The soft, supple leather of these boots offers a more worn-in feel from the very first wear and will take less time to mold to your foot. However, if you’re after a more snug fit, then the Original Chelsea boot #500 are the ones to go for as they offer a firmer fit across the top of the boot and the toe area.

Some of our favorite fitters


Our Originals and Classics Series (also known as the #500 Series and the #550 Series) are home to some of our most popular styles—like our iconic #500 and our best-selling #585.

While both series feature our instantly recognizable design, there are some differences which we've outlined below.

Our Classics Series has a wider fit compared to our Originals' Series so is great for those who need a little extra room. Classics Series features a leather lining for warmth and additional cushioning in the footbed for added softness.

The Original Series is lined with either cotton or cambrelle, which allows the leather to breathe more. We do, however, use a thick 2.5mm premium leather on these boots for durability. Given these boots are not as wide as the Classics Series, they provide a more snug fit.

The Right Fit


When trying on your Blundstone boots, there should be a slight give in the heel and about a quarter inch of space from the tip of your toe to the front of the boot.

With repeated use, your Blundstone boots will stretch slightly over the instep, but never stretch lengthwise.

When you receive your boots make sure you try them on standing, wearing either socks or stockings that you wear with your boots. Please also try these on a carpeted surface so that the bottom of the boots is protected.

The Classics Series have a slightly wider fit than the Originals and feature extra insoles that can be used to adjust fit. All Kids styles have a removable insole which helps you adjust the size to accommodate growing feet.

The Dress Series have a slightly longer fit than other Blundstone styles. Some people go down a half size in this style.

What is the right amount of time?


The length of time it takes to break in your new Blundstone boots depends on:

- The quality and stiffness of the leather. The thicker the leather, the longer it will take to break in. High-quality materials weather at different rates.

- The shape of your feet. A high instep and the width of your feet will influence how long it takes to break in your boots.

- The pattern of wear. Wearing your boots for longer periods of time each day will break them in faster.

A new pair of Blundstone boots should not take more than a few wears to stretch and mold to your feet. However, the frequency of wear, the tips you employ to help the process, and your individual walking style can all speed up the break-in process.

A great start to breaking in Blundstones is to wear them around the house for short periods of time at first. This will help the leather uppers stretch and mold to your feet and help you to get a feel for the fit. Walking on carpet or other soft surfaces when you first start wearing your boots (even if you intend to use them for light-duty hikes), will help to reduce the amount of friction between your feet and the boots. A bonus to wearing your new boots around the house also means you can enjoy them in their clean, new condition.

You can also alternate your new pair of Blundstones with other boots or shoes, to allow time for your feet to both adapt to the arch of the boots and the insole, and the overall weight and streamlining of the boots when walking. Resting in between wears also gives your boots time to dry out and breathe.

Common ways to help break in your new boots


Some methods are quicker than others, but all the procedures should guard against damaging the materials used in the design and construction of your Blundstone boots. While a weathered look has vintage appeal, you want your new boots to stay conditioned and durable. Wearing them in does not mean you want to wear them out!

Blundstone boots are of high quality leather and are built for durable comfort and longevity, however if you are experienced any discomfort, here are a few tips on how to (carefully) break in your Blundstone boots:

Wear thick socks

Thick socks will help to cushion your feet and reduce the risk of blisters by providing extra padding for your feet against friction hotspots. Using the gradual pressure, heat, and warmth that comes from wearing thicker socks, the leather will gently stretch which helps speed up the breaking in process. Thicker socks may alleviate harsh rubbing and chafing of your feet against the sturdy leather or suede material of your boots.

Investing in thicker socks is an option, but doubling up a pair of your socks also works. While the feel might be a little tight, exaggerating your foot-size, helps to speed up the leather stretching.

Apply leather conditioner or oil

Treating your boot leather with oils, such as mink oil, or conditioners is like treating your footwear to a spa day to moisturize and soften them up. Leather conditioner helps to make the leather softer and more pliable and oil will help both break in your new boots faster while also prolonging their lifespan.

Apply a light coat of leather conditioner to the inside and outside of your boots and let it dry completely before wearing them.  Guard against over-conditioning which can make the leather lax and floppy.

Use a shoe or boot stretcher

Need to break-in your new pair of Blundstones super-quick? Then consider shoe stretching either using your own device or done professionally by a cobbler. A shoe or boot stretcher will help to stretch the leather in specific areas of the boot, making it more comfortable to wear.

Insert the boot stretcher deep into your boots, turn the handle to expand to the desired stretch and leave the device for 8 hours. Shoe stretchers are a good staple for your shoe closet to help you break in a lifetime of shoes and boots and most importantly, break in Blundstones fast.

Use a blowdryer

A warm blow dryer can help to loosen the boot leather and increase comfort. Be careful not to hold the blow dryer too close to your boots, which may damage the leather. Distribute the heat by moving the blow dryer around the outside of the boot, at least 6 inches from the leather surface. With your boots on, and wearing extra thick socks, concentrate the air stream on those tighter parts that you want to loosen, such as the the bridge of your foot or the toecap.

Use your hands

Give your feet a break and manually break in your Blundstone boots. Gently massage the rigid heel part of the boots with your hands to start the breaking in, but remember that your boots need to have time to get used to cushioning your feet and molding to your unique walking style.

Be patient. 

Your new Blundstones boots were made for walking so, ultimately, that will aid in breaking them in. Just keep wearing them around the house and gradually increasing the amount of time you wear them each day, experimenting with their versatility until they become your go-to footwear.

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