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Hard Kombucha Brewery, San Diego, CA

JuneShine was started by a team of adventurers, artists, athletes, and creatives who share a passion and want to leave a positive impact on the environment.

JuneShine is brewed with real, organic ingredients: green tea, honey, fruit juice, spices and jun kombucha base (also known as the SCOBY). The flavors are so smooth, it's literally called "the champagne of kombuchas".

No artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, or processed corn or rice syrup. This makes JuneShine less toxic for both your body and the environment.

From high-impact initiatives like reducing their carbon footprint to daily habits like composting, reducing their impact on the planet is always priority number one.

Through their partnership with Climate Neutral they're proud to be 100% carbon neutral (meaning their business leaves no carbon footprint).

They also donates one percent of all sales annually to 1% For The Planet, a collection of environmental nonprofits working to fight climate change.

“Being a brewer is far from glamorous. You got to be willing to work hard and know that you're working towards something great. And you're creating something with your own two hands that everyone loves."


- Brewer, Aaron Dorff

“I think that from start to finish, any process should be 100% transparent so that a customer can see exactly what they're getting. No matter what.”


- Brewer, Aaron Dorff

"I think that a key part of our culture is taking the harder route on purpose because we know it's what's going to be better for the consumer and create more value for them and a better experience.”


- Co-Founder, Forrest Dein

“Our employees come to all our events, we surf together before work. Everyone is interesting, everyone has a passion, everyone is doing something that's contributing to a bigger purpose."


- Co-Founder, Forrest Dein




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