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Tommy Skipper

Lumber Mill, Mt. Hood, OR

Everything built in the foundation of the airpark was handcrafted. There are endless possibilities when building from scratch. What excites me the most for the future of our land is the opportunities for our family -- our kids and the next generation to come. It's my dream to pass along the knowledge I learned from this land to my next generation.

If You Dream It, You Can Build It

Our lumber mill was started out of necessity. Seeing the opportunity to use timber to build our home, we also saw that using our timber will give us a far superior product than what we could purchase.

In order to utilize the resources on our property, it required hardwork and craftsmanship. We feel in today's society, this is a lost art. We feel that if you are willing to put in the hardwork, anything is obtainable. Our land has showed us that.


Inspiration and Hardwork

I am not defined by any aspect of life, I live on morals and values that were instilled in me. I am rooted in my upbringing, but am always reaching to the future and what is possible.

From the depths and ruggedness of the forest, to the detail and craftsmanship of creating your own dream, Blundstone embodies both worlds. The first time I stepped into a pair of Blundstone work boots, the quality, reliability and comfort was a perfect fit for the work our family does.

“I've been inspired by my parents' relentless hardwork, which has paved the way for me in my own life"




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