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Selema Masekela

Action Sports Commentator, Actor and Singer, Carlsbad, CA

Selema Masekela broke down barriers in the pursuit of his passion, creating a career in the action sports world. He is a vital leader in the Black surf movement, an Emmy nominated producer, hosted ESPN's X Games for 13 years, hosted NBC's Red Bull Signature Series and so much more.

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His journey began when his family suddenly moved to Southern California. In 1988, he caught his first wave at Cherry Street, Carlsbad. That wave changed his life.

During his career, Selema Masekela discovered he was able to carry on his father's storytelling legacy while doing what he loved. Selema's father, Hugh Masekela was an internationally renowned South African jazz musician. He was also a singer, songwriter, and powerful political voice. Hugh incorporated political messaging in his music and performances about the apartheid regime. Selema was a child of the arts and hip-hop but fell in love with board sports when he moved to California.

Selema ended up establishing a career in action sports through hosting on television. Selema has found various platforms to spread his story and his values, just like his father.

"How do you want to make people feel while you're here? That's what I hope we get through all of this angst and polarization. I hope that we can get distilled into trying to take advantage of having as much joy as we can in shared experiences because that's what builds us as human beings."




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