• A rooftop urban farm in the heart of Brooklyn called Brooklyn Grange was featured on WPIX, Channel 11 news in NYC today. During the Coronavirus pandemic, due ta decrease of restaurant orders, Blundstone and Rethink Food NYC worked on a new system to bring food to community kitchens where access to...
  • Blundstone boots were featured in "A beginner's guide to camping during a pandemic." And while some rules have changed a bit in the current environment, some hold true no matter what. For instance the article notes that "Footwear can also make or break your trip. If you anticipate traversing rugged...
  • Blundstone was listed today in Conde Nast Traveller's "12 Men's Slip-On Shoes for Lazy Summer Days" and in that article is also the featured image at the very top of the list. The article talks about the best summer boots for men , along with summer slip on shoes for those lazy days, or when you...
  • Caroline Moss at had an article about Blundstone rain boots and how her friends recommendations became her recommendation in an article titled "I gave in to the Blundstone boot trend and they were actually worth every penny". The article mentions the Blundstone 990 waterproof work boot...
  • Dan Koeppel from Wirecutter / NY Times wrote a piece today titled "Why I Love My Blundstone Boots" and it talks about how "Blundstones are light, comfortable, supportive, and—this is key—durable: A pair of Blunnies may get scuffed and scrappy, but they can last for years as your daily driver." From...
  • The Manual takes you through a century and a half of history with "This Aussie Brand Has Been Making Some of the Best Boots for 150 Years." They take a look at when and where the idea started, as well as how Blundstone was involved with history over the years, whether boots for Australian troops in...
  • In an article titled 15 Summer Boots That Don't Require a Pedicure, listed the Blundstone 1448's and noted that "These are honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own." These high-top boots for women are available here at
  • NY Mag's, the Strategist featured Blundstone boots once more this week in "What Are the Best Ankle Boots for Women?" where they list all the best ankle boots, along with their popularity due to the boots durability . As one person in the article put it, Blundstone's are the "perfect everyday boot...
  • Great article though with quite a long title of "Blundstone launched a dressier version of its classic Chelsea boots - I've been wearing a pair for 4 months and they're just as durable and comfortable as the originals" is available on Insider today. The article looks at a bit of Chelsea Boot...
  • Blundstone in NY Mag - Chef Boots
    Blundstone 578s were featured in NY Mag's Strategist section today, in an article titled "Best Gifts for Chefs, According to Chefs and Restaurant Owners." It includes approval from chef Johnny DePierro from Banty Rooster in the West Village, who said “I recently switched over after suggestions from...
  • Store Hours Mon – Sat: 10 am - 8 pm / Sun: 10 am – 7 pm Store Address 192 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY New Yorkers can stop by the Williamsburg Pop-up on 1/26 to support the cause. $50 from every pair of boots sold will be donated to the Salvation Army Australia. And in-store you can enjoy...
  • Kate Arends of Wit & Delight talks about "Kate's Picks: The 22 Pieces That Are the Base of My Wardrobe" today and listed Blundstone as one of her key wardrobe choices. She mentioned her "trusty Blundstone boots that I’ve relied on for years" View the full list at


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