• New York Fashion Week displayed many Fall '18 collections from an array of brands including various shoes such as Blundstone's classic Chelsea Boots. This was featured in Footwear News and Vogue Italy the past week where New York based designer Sandy Liang drew inspiration from her neighborhood,...
  • SGB Online sat down with Joe Carfora, Blundstone’s global product and design director, to discuss the future of Blundstone, including the celebration of 150 years in 2020. He talks about the new updates, such as the upcoming "womens series" (following on from the recent Chelsea Boot trend, the new...
  • Thanks for Jonathan Evans and the team at Esquire Magazine for the research and vetting of various Blundstone Boots, featuring them as "The Bad-Weather Boots You Can Wear to the Office." Not only something that can brave the winter elements and keep your feet (and socks) dry, Blundstones also...
  • Durable and rugged, sure, we've heard that. Protecting you from the elements in the wild or in the big city is one thing, but Irina Dvalidze on also noted that Blundstone's are "The Boots That Can Literally Survive a Medieval Sword." The article talks about her filmmaking work, and the...
  • Thanks to the the team from NY Times based Wirecutter for their hours of research along with active trials of 17 different pairs of winter boots to find the best winter boots for men and women. For the men's boots, they selected the Blundstone Men’s Thermal Boot as their choice. Described as "...
  • Sporting Goods Business (SGB) asks Adam Blake, Global Head of Brand, Design and Consumer Engagement about the first women's heeled boot from Blundstone, new for fall/winter 2018. "We have been at the forefront of footwear comfort and performance design for many years, we now seek to repurpose this...
  • It might not be 2018 quite just yet, but Men's Journal featured Blundstone Lace-Up Boots in their January 2018 issue. The "Get To Work" article features a range of ways to get past the winter chill with durable workwear. Issue is available in newsstands now. View our range of Lace-Up Boots for men...
  • Travel and Leisure released a list of Winter Boots for 2017 going into 2018. They featured a pair of Blundstone Boots, the BL1316 Chelsea Boots in Black and Red in fact. These Blundstone boots "are made resist rain, snow, oil, and even acid. The red elastic gore and sole are a colorful detail that...
  • There's an article from a few weeks back that the team at Blundstone likes, it is an interview with environmental artist Anne De Carbuccia by Forbes magazine. She developed the "Time Shrine Foundation," a nonprofit organization that raises awareness of vulnerable species and environments around the...
  • Need any ideas for Christmas shopping for your dad? Well, Blundstone was included in a recent roundup of " 5 Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas For Dad" on CBS New York, noting that “when you peruse Blundstone boots, you’ll be tempted to order a pair for yourself, too. Gorgeous, sturdy kicks in a variety of...
  • Back in August, LifeHacker featured Blundstone boots. They mentioned how Blundstone's were "Instantly comfortable out of the box, unisex, stylish, and ready for both the office and the trail" and talked about our Super 550 Boots along with our sheepskin footbeds - however since then in November,...
  • Racked, one of the most popular shopping, beauty and fashion websites in the US - looked at a top 10 list of Chelsea Boots (in no particular order) for the holiday season up-ahead as we get closer to the Thanksgiving shopping weekend and Cyber Monday. Womens Super 550 Boots were featured here in...


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