• Blundstone Original 500 Boots in House Beautiful
    May 2018's issue of House Beautiful featured landscape architect Douglas Clark, who listed his favorite things, including certain books, locations, flowers, furniture and Blundstone Original 500 Boots, as he mentions how "they keep my feet nice and dry while looking damn good." View the full...
  • Blundstone Summer Boots
    The Coachella Festival 2018 may just have ended, but the summer festivals have just kicked off. Footwear News & Yahoo News featured Blundstone in the list of "5 Affordable Coachella Shoes for Men" - noting the Blundstone Chelsea Boots as a "Best Bet for All Occasions" and "designed for the...
  • featured an interview with Adam Blake, global head of brand design and customer engagement at Blundstone, where they discuss the brand's foundations and marketing strategy development, particularly its "rich storytelling narrative around its products, which can be found anywhere from the...
  • Blundstone chelsea boots
    Thanks to Shane Roberts and the team at LifeHacker for the article about Blundstone's Chelsea Boots and how these lighter versions "shed the bulk without giving up the support." Also noting that "they’re noticeably less cushy than their year-round counterparts" you can read the whole recap at -...
  • Blundstone Work & Safety boots were recently featured in Vehicle Service Pros, a trusted online resource for vehicle service and repair information, along with fleet maintenance management. They mentioned three of Blundstone's top safety boots , such as the Blundstone 990, which features a full...
  • Seeking the right balance of form, function and comfort, GoAdventureMom's husband may have found the perfect match in the Blundstone 1306 Boots, a pair of Rustic Brown Chelsea Boots that are ideal for when "you’re out working hard all day, but need to head to dinner afterwards." The review talks...
  • Mens Fitness featured Blundstone in the list of "11 office-friendly waterproof boots you can also wear on a date" just in time for the spring months, noting Blundstone 062's - a popular Men's Chelsea Boot option. "A favorite boot of everyone from farmhands to hipsters, these brown Blundstones will...
  • Our Blundstone Original 500's were mentioned in PopSugar's list of "50+ Gift Ideas For Guys Who Are All About That Fit Life in 2018". The article notes that they are lightweight, comfortable, durable, slip-resistant, and weatherproof. Find out more at
  • New York Fashion Week displayed many Fall '18 collections from an array of brands including various shoes such as Blundstone's classic Chelsea Boots. This was featured in Footwear News and Vogue Italy the past week where New York based designer Sandy Liang drew inspiration from her neighborhood,...
  • SGB Online sat down with Joe Carfora, Blundstone’s global product and design director, to discuss the future of Blundstone, including the celebration of 150 years in 2020. He talks about the new updates, such as the upcoming "womens series" (following on from the recent Chelsea Boot trend, the new...
  • Thanks for Jonathan Evans and the team at Esquire Magazine for the research and vetting of various Blundstone Boots, featuring them as "The Bad-Weather Boots You Can Wear to the Office." Not only something that can brave the winter elements and keep your feet (and socks) dry, Blundstones also...
  • Durable and rugged, sure, we've heard that. Protecting you from the elements in the wild or in the big city is one thing, but Irina Dvalidze on also noted that Blundstone's are "The Boots That Can Literally Survive a Medieval Sword." The article talks about her filmmaking work, and the...


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