• GQ recently featured Blundstone 990's - which are available for women and men - noting that "Serious weather calls for serious Blundstones" in an article titled "The Blundstone 990 Is the Boot You Need to Survive the Coming Winter Apocalypse" - and while we're not sure about the apocalypse part,...
  • So what does a Mom with two kids, a business and a brain that never stops thinking want for Christmas? Blundstone Boots in the case of Kate Arends on " What I Really Wanted for Christmas " on the Wit & Delight blog. She mentioned the comfort and how they can go with everything for a long time,...
  • Nordstrom recently debuted "Concept 001: Out Cold" which looks at a curated collection of brands it offers for ski, snow, rain and all types of inclement winter weather. The list includes Blundstone, and we were featured in Business Insider, Footwear News, HighSnobiety, The Knockturnal and more,...
  • Blundstone was featured in Vogue this January in the list of winter looks that work for both sexes in "His, Hers, Ours: Chic Cold-Weather Basics Beloved by All" where they look at the Blundstone Original 500 boots, particularly the brown leather Blundstone 519's available for women and men . Read...
  • Esquire featured a pair of our work boots, the Blundstone 490 (also referred to as BL490) in their list of "27 Work Boots That Are Perfect for Winter" and noted that while "a lot of work boots hit low on the calf... this ankle-high version feels a little lighter." The full list is available at...
  • Thanks to the team at Gear Patrol for featuring us twice in recent days, first on their list of staff picks where Nick Caruso notes that he has “had these green-on-brown Blundstones for five years, and like a good watch or favorite jacket, I truly look forward to wearing them." As well as...
  • Forbes featured Blundstone this week in their list of "10 Stylish Shoes To Get You Through A 3 Day Long Music Festival" - with a look at the Original 500's, which we think will work no matter what the season. Forbes agrees and notes that "regardless of what the weather conditions may be, this...
  • James Hills from Mantripping mentioned a few of our boots over at "Blundstone Super 550 Boots Are Ready For Adventure." He mentions that Blundstone's are "a great pair of boots that is stylish, rugged, and has a great story and deep heritage behind it." The author takes the boots on an adventure...
  • Blundstone's Original 500 Boots were featured in "34 Boots to Carry You Through Winter in Style" where GQ Magazine's Editors picked their top winter boots. With a mix of boot styles such as Chelsea Boots in there, the black 500's were mentioned in the list of top winter boots, as "the beefed-up...
  • While Blundstone may be associated with Work Boots to some, Bon Appetit talks about how they've become a popular Chef Boot option, in the article "How 4 New York City Chefs Are Redefining Workwear" where they talk with Natasha Pickowicz, the pastry chef at Flora Bar and Altro Paradiso in NYC. “...
  • Popsugar Fitness features Blundstone in their article titled " Fitness Gear Keeping Us Motivated This October " and editor Jenny Sugar included the women's Blundstone Thermal Boot into the site’s October Must-Haves. Jenny cites that despite the fall foliage being in full season, winter boot weather...
  • Great article from Sam Schube at GQ Magazine who features the Blundstone 500's in "The Best All-Weather Boot Is Beloved by Australian Farmers—and Scruffy Art Kids" - which looks at how the Blundstone 500's made it from Australia to New York City back in his college days and how they've become more...


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