• Blundstone was featured in Vamp Footwear in an article that talks about the introduction of our lightest boot to date for Spring 2018 - "a shorter version of its iconic Chelsea boot with a newly developed Fleatherflex sole that delivers comfort and a weightless experience." Joe Carfora, Blundstone...
  • Check out the Blundstone Women's Series featured in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine. Sarah Ryhanen, co-founder of Brooklyn floral boutique, Saipua, notes the importance of a good pair of boots for her design studio and beyond. The magazine features a pair of Blundstone #1446 Crazy Horse...
  • Thanks to Blaine Eldredge at Outside in Coats for featuring Blundstone boots on his site. With a little bit of boot history to start out the article, he mentions how well Blundstone fits the foot, as well as how its durability has helped it become popular with "motorcyclists as well as pipe-fitters...
  • Blundstone boots were featured in late March 2017 on Endurance Review, a blog that focuses on running, biking and the endurance sport lifestyle overall. The site took a closer look at the Ducati Scrambler Limited edition series and its "unique styling and construction that makes it a one of a kind...
  • Blundstones Women’s Series #1448, Voltan Black Leather Boots were featured on Travel Weekly Online in a roundup titled “What's New, What's Hot: March 2017.” The piece includes information on Blundstones features, including how the "attractive and rugged product provides the kind of shock absorption...
  • blundstone 1451 boots
    The Blundstone #1451 Lace Up boot was noted in the list of "Best Work Boots for Men" over at Mens Health magazine, citing its shock absorbing heel and Tasmanian roots. As noted on the article, the best shoes are the ones that can last you a lifetime. And now you can find a pair of Blundstone 1451's...
  • Blundstone was featured in a recent Forbes article where David Hochman talks about not only his own history with Blundstone boots, but how they are part of the culture, not only in Australia, but also in places from Israel and Canada to Hollywood and Japan. He interviews CEO Steve Gunn during his...
  • as featured in Vogue
    Blundstone Original 500's were featured in Vogue's article titled "Snow Boots at the Office? Vogue Editors Say Yes, You Can," in January 2017 thanks to Lauren Mechling, Vogue Senior Editor, who mentioned - “This query reminds me how much I’ve been coveting a pair of classic chocolate Blundstones!...
  • Online fashion and retail magazine Racked features Blundstone on the article that went live today titled "From Barns to Barneys: How Blundstone Became a Footwear Staple." From trendspotters in Canada to Italy, Sweden and fans of all ages in Israel, this article looks at how Blundstone's popularity...
  • Blundstone featured in the New York Times
    NY Times features Blundstone boots in the Fashion & Style section of their November 23rd issue. The article mentions "If they’re built for the wild expanses of Tasmania, they’ll do on the mean streets of New York. Black leather boots from Blundstone in Australia are chic enough for days spent...
  • Heath Ledger Scholarship winner Ashleigh Cummings
    We're delighted to sponsor the 2016 Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship, awarded to Ashleigh Cummings for exhibiting distinctive and unique potential. As the unofficial boot of filmmakers everywhere, Blundstone is proud to support those who are working to evolve their career in the...
  • David Beckham and Blundstone boots
    Recognised globally as a style icon, David Beckham has fast become a fan of his Blundstone 1306s.


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