150 Stories; Mary MacGill


Mary MacGill

Jewelry Designer, Block Island, RI

Mary MacGill is a Block Island, RI - based artist working primarily in gold and semi-precious stones. Her minimalist style finds root in the ever-evolving shorelines of the American Northeast. Combining the fragility of wire with the strength of stone, Mary's work falls in the lineage of mentor Kazuko Oshima and sculptor Alexander Calder, focusing on the beauty of hammered imperfections and suspended forms. 

"Working with Jewelry has been incredible and a journey to figure out the metals, stones, and how to use your tools. It's taken a very long time just to get comfortable and fluent in that language."

"The store is a place where I can bring all of my inspiration into one place so that people can not only feel the experience of the jewelry but everything else I am looking at from artists I admire to clothing designers."

"My work has always been deeply tied to the coastlines and the ocean and the feelings that those bring about."




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