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Are Blundstones Good For Walking

Looking for a one-size-fits-all kind of activity boot? Then Blundstone boots fit the bill for functional footwear that can power your walking no matter the terrain or the weather conditions. Affectionately referred to as ‘blunnies’, Blundstone boots are the go-to companion for your feet, whether striding through the countryside or walking to work or running errands.

Conceptualized and designed in Tasmania Australia, Blundstone boots reflect the natural rugged beauty of the Tasmanian landscape; ranging from coastal clifftop trails, rocky headlands and white sand beaches, to the Australian bushland. From backpacking travel, light hikes, flat rainforest hiking trails or trekking short hikes in the arid outback to running errands, dog walking or trudging through wet weather, Blundstone boots are likely the most comfortable and lightweight boot companion you could possibly choose. 

Blundstone boots are worth the investment because they’re comfortable to wear for a whole day – no matter the weather or terrain. The SPS Max Comfort system provides outstanding shock absorption (up to 90% of impact) as you walk and a cushioned midsole provides additional comfort. Water-resistant leather and fully waterproof leather options add a functional factor to your favored Chelsea boot selection. 

Blundstone Chelsea boots are known for their durability which makes them ideal as an everyday walking boot. Premium quality durable leathers and double stitching for strength are features that enhance their durability. The outsole of the boot, the layer which makes contact with the ground, directly between your feet and the terrain must be able to provide good traction and withstand wear and tear; Blundstone boots feature either a durable TPU outsole or a grippy, self-cleaning Vibram® outsole, both of which are ideal for mountain or urban trails alike.

Easy to pull on or off, Blundstone boots are made to go wherever life takes you, come rain or shine. Blundstone boots such as the Original Blundstone #500 Chelsea Boot is designed to be breathable, to keep sweaty feet cool and dry on long hikes. The water-resistant leather in Blundstone boots provides an extra level of protection for your feet in wet and muddy weather conditions or damp and marshy terrain. In battling temperature variations, the right Blundstone boots, paired with wool socks, which are natural insulators, will help to regulate the temperature and moisture content of your feet by ensuring breathability. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right shoes for walking:

Your Lifestyle

If you walk a lot, you will appreciate the durable outsole and added ankle support from a boot like Blundstone. You may want to choose a pair of Blundstones that have added features such the comfort footbed with XRD® Technology in the heel strike zone for shock absorption.

Your Climate

If you live in a hot climate, you may want to choose a pair of Blundstones that have a breathable, unlined upper to maximize temperature regulation of your feet. Blundstone boots such as the Original Blundstone #500 Chelsea Boot are made from 2.5mm leather that is both highly durable and breathable.

Your Budget

Blundstones can be a touch more expensive than some other boot brands, but they are also made with superior, quality materials and construction. If you are looking for a boot that is a sound investment, and is long-lasting, then Blundstones are your perfect pair of boots

Your Preference

Ultimately, the best Blundstones for walking will depend on your personal preference and style. Blundstones are also an appropriate choice for a variety of trails and treks. They are a perfect option for a casual hike on well-maintained trails, with their comfort, durability and grip. However, if you are going on a more strenuous hike on more advanced terrain, you may want to choose a boot specifically designed for hiking. While Blundstones do provide ankle support, they are not designed as hiking boots. If you are looking for a boot with more ankle support for hiking, you may want to choose a boot that has a higher ankle, thicker outsole and a more rigid last.


Popular Blundstone boots for walking include:

Blundstone Originals: The Blundstone Original #500 Chelsea boot combines legendary comfort and durability. The iconic leather boot style is made with a full-grain leather upper and a comfortable, cushioned footbed. It's the true original Blundstone Chelsea boot made from a single piece of 2.5mm leather, a cushioned midsole and a durable TPU outsole. Blundstone Originals are the authentic leather Chelsea boots built to go wherever life takes you, whether urban city cityscapes or off road in the wild.

Blundstone Classics: These boots are made for being on your feet all day long. The next evolution of Blundstones Original Chelsea boots brought the Classics series which feature more bells and whistles with added comfort features. Blundstone Classic #585 Chelsea boot in rustic brown leather is leather lined and has a cushioned midsole for added comfort. The Blundstone Classics features a TPU outsole that provides durability and traction. The same handy nylon pull-tabs front and back, make for easy pull on boot functionality. 

Blundstone Dress Boots: These boots are both classic and functional. With a lean profile and chisel toe, the highly comfortable Dress boots, such as the Dress boot style #062, transition from woods to dinner with ease. With durable TPU outsoles, these boots are made for all-day wear, from trekking urban streets to standing, working on your feet all day.

Blundstone All-Terrain: Ideal for urban and mountain trails alike, the All-Terrain Chelsea boots such as the black #2058 style feature a grippy, self-cleaning performance Vibram® outsole and water-resistant as well as waterproof leather options. 

When choosing boots that provide ankle support here are some things to consider:

The height of the ankle: Blundstone Chelsea boots are cut above the ankle, which means they do not provide as much support as a hiking boot with a higher ankle and lace support, but they do provide some added support. 

The presence of a steel shank: A shank is a metal rod that runs through the center of the boot and provides support and stability. All Blundstone boots feature a steel shank in the boot, so they provide an additional level of support.

The material of the upper: Blundstone boots are made with a full-grain leather upper, unless you opt for one of the Vegan boot Series. Leather is a durable material that can provide some ankle support, in the case of Blundstone leather boots, the leather will mold to the shape of your foot as you wear it.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing Blundstones for light hiking and travel:

The type of hike you will be doing: If you are going on a casual hike on well-maintained trails, Blundstones are a good option. However, if you are going on a more strenuous hike on rough terrain, you may want to choose a specialized hiking boot.

Your climate: If you are hiking in a cold climate, you may want to choose a pair of Blundstones that have a waterproof upper and a warm lining. Blundstone features winter boots via its All Terrain Thermal series which features waterproof leather, Thinsulate® lining and a sheepswool footbed - an ideal combination if you are looking for a boot to keep your feet warm and dry in cold snowy climates.

One of the best things about a pair of Blundstones is their versatility in being able to pair them with almost anything. Think about your favorite shorts with ankle socks on a light summer trail or with jeans on a late night snowy walk home from a dinner. Blundstones are a fit for both.

In short, Blundstones are simply fantastic for walking! They're seriously comfortable, and keep your feet happy on every kind of stroll. So, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or simply wandering around a city, Blundstones are a trusty choice to make your walking experiences a total breeze!