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How to Pack Boots for Travel

Traveling? Boots and shoes are their own line item on your packing list. To assist, we offer here some packing tips for organizing and protecting your Blundstone boots in your checked luggage.

Here are some packing tips for organizing and protecting your Blundstone boots in your checked luggage:

  1. Stuff each pair of boots with socks, underclothes, small items and toiletries, and even flip flops if the destination fits. If you organize the packing space to make full use of it, you’ll keep your boots in great shape.
  2. A protective bag will keep your boots clean and scuff-free. A shoe bag, plastic bag, grocery bag, or travel bag will protect your boots and everything else you’ve packed.
  3. The bottom of your suitcase is often the best place to stow your boots. They’ll stabilize the weight of your suitcase and prevent it from tipping over. Always a good idea.
  4. Fill in the gaps. Yes, there can be too much space in your suitcase. Clothing items, travel accessories and smaller items, an extra pair of sneakers, and t-shirts will help keep your boots quiet in your bag.
  5. Pack your boots tightly. Have a lot of space left around your packed boots? Try a packing cube. It will neatly organize and protect even the bulkiest type of shoes

For a quick hack otherwise, you can also “wear” the boots for your travels, as the pull on boots can be easy to remove when needed such as for security scans in some locations, and solves some of the luggage weight issues, too.

Saving space in your duffel bag or carry-on

One pair of boots? Blundstone Chelsea boots are known as the ideal travel companion. Pack them in the middle and surround them with clothes or wrap the boots in bubble wrap — and toss in your phone charger, too.

More pairs of boots - adding a dress boot like Blundstone Dress boot #063 into the mix? Pack them in the separate compartment usually available in a carry-on bag.

To better balance the weight in your duffel bag try letting the soles of your shoes or stuffed boots meet in the middle of the bag.

Blundstone boots and airport security

Popular choices for travel are the Blundstone Original #500 Chelsea boots and their low-cut shoe version with padded collar. Marked by classic clean design lines and no-nonsense respect for the human foot, these full-grain leather and rubber sole boots are easy to slip off and slip back on when navigating airport security.

Airplane travel and airport security make your choice of boots or travel shoes an important decision when you most need some convenience, comfort, and style. Here are some Blundstone basics to keep in mind:

  • Durability: Blundstone boots are crafted of high-quality materials to withstand the demands of travel, whether it be tarmac, climate, or terrain
  • Comfort: Quite possibly the most comfortable boots ever made, Blundstone boots are ideal for being on your feet all day. Blundstone boots are made for wearing boots for long periods of time, such as you’re seated on the plane, speed walking through an airport, or trekking through urban terrain.
  • Security: If you’re passing through an airport security gate, any metal components in your boots will likely set off the metal detector. Be prepared to remove your boots and send them through X-ray screening.
  • Style: Your Blundstone boots are comfortable and stylish enough to help make travel a good-looking pleasure both on the plane and on the street.

Traveling with Blundstone steel-toe boots

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows steel-toe boots in both carry-on and checked baggage. If they’re on your feet, remove them and place them in a separate bin for X-ray screening. In your checked bag, consider packing steel-toe boots in a compartment separate from other metal objects.

Traveling with your Chelsea Boots 

Blundstone Chelsea boots are excellent travel companions, whether you’re headed to the mountains, the beach, a safari, a forest trek, an eco-project, horseback riding, or some leisurely city sightseeing. They’re comfortable, stylish, and very versatile.

  • Comfortable. Their pull-on style makes Blundstone Chelsea boots easy to put on and take off. Made with premium quality leather or suede, they’re durable and comfortable on your feet for long periods of time, whether you’re walking or relaxing, hiking a rocky trail, or ambling along a woodland path. The elastic sides on your Blundstone Chelsea boots allow your foot to flex yet help keep it snug. A cushioned insole, removable footbed, and steel shank round out the Max Comfort system for superb shock absorption and all-day walking or working comfort. Blundstone boots run true to size and the leather will become softer and more supple as you wear them. Imagine that.
  • Stylish. Ever classic and stylish, Chelsea boots are the right shoes for dressing up or going casual. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, dress slacks, skirts, and hiking gear. And to complete your look and coddle your feet, Blundstone has Australian merino wool socks with reinforced heel and toe, and arch brace — and some of the best and most stylin’ knee-high crushable socks around. The Classic or Original Series of Blundstone Chelsea boots are the perfect footwear to walk the dog, join a business meeting, attend a ballgame, or have dinner with friends. Maybe all on the same day; you’re comfortably ready for everything.
  • Versatile. Blundstone Chelsea boots weather-proof and made with water-resistant leathers, made for a variety of activities in every climate and in any weather event. Blundstone Thermal Series are made 100% waterproof with cozy sheepskin footbeds and Thinsulate lining. If you’re looking for hiking boots or hiking shoes, snow boots, travel boots, or just toying with the idea of becoming a style icon, Blundstone has a full range of boots to suit and also offers a proper shoe cleaner kit to help you take care of them.
  • Speaking of shoe cleaner. Every pair of shoes deserves special care, and we’ve assembled an excellent kit to look after your Blundstone boots: Renovating cream to help maintain the color and finish of your boots, waterproofing spray to protect your boots from water and stains, a polishing pad to help rejuvenate the leather of your boots, and a buffing cloth. You need nothing more, wherever and however you travel in your Blundstone boots.

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