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E. Frances Paper

Family-Run Studio, Newport, RI

E. Frances Paper is a positive paper goods company that creates meaningful, personal connections by expressing love, gratitude and kindness. Their goal is to provide pure customer delight to everyone!

What is E. Frances Paper?

When you love the things your sister paints SO much that you stare at them, laugh out loud, tear up with nostalgia, and then laugh again... it makes you want to share them with other people. So started E. Frances Paper (named after our two beloved Grandmothers), so Ali’s artwork could be seen and felt by more than just her family.

In 2013 two sisters and a cousin started selling Ali’s art on greeting cards and their original idea, “Little Notes®.” E. Frances Paper has since grown to an amazing team of over 20 people, sell to over 3,000 stores in the US alone, and have added many more products to the brand. Originally starting in Ali’s guest room, we now have a sweeeeeet re-done old garage warehouse in Newport, RI, but definitely have had some doozies along the way to get here. The winner probably going to working in a storage unit. With no electricity. Where the lights went off ever 60 seconds. Laughing, just thinking about it.


What inspires your team?

We all feel that one of the best gifts you can give to the world is to spread positive energy. Every card we produce, package, and sell is one smiling, happy recipient. Last year selling over 2 million greeting cards alone was a really great feeling for all of us here… that’s a lot of good energy going out! It really is a special movement. And for the future… we simply want to keep multiplying those numbers of smiles, giggles, and heart flips.

Picture a regular ol’ day, opening your mailbox to a bright pink envelope with actual words your friend wrote, on an actual card, a card they saw that made them think of you. Ka bam! That non-digital, real, keepsake, make your cells jump for joy type of feeling is it!


Why do you wear Blundstones?

I mean, they’re the most versatile shoes we’ve ever had. They’re work-y. And style-y. All at once. And the three of us are verrrrrry different, but we all wear the same shoes? Is that even really happening? But it is!

"Our goal with E. Frances is to connect to people and have people connect to each other. I want someone to pick up the card and say this makes me feel happy or connected to someone. And I feel like in a digital world doesn't it make all of this real stuff that much better. No one I know would ever choose an email over a hand written card from someone they love. It's real and you can hold it and it means something more."




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