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Tyler McKenzie

Universal Swing, NY

Happiness most of the time is a choice. I have so much to be grateful for and I have a lot of things about me that make life difficult for very unfortunate reasons in todays society. I choose to WIN at all times no matter what. I do not let anyone stand in the way of my joy.

Who are Universal Swings?

Universal Swings are heroes waiting in the wings. They are amongst the most hard working and most versatile actors of Broadway and also, the most sought after. A universal swing, in Hamilton the Musical, is tasked with knowing all 6 male ensemble tracks of all the Hamilton companies in the USA. Tyler McKenzie is one such talented creative who could be on the road with one of the companies and be told to pack his bags and get on a plane to NYC in a couple of hours because they need him at the Broadway Show.


The people of Hamilton

The Hamilton Family - HamFam, consists of some of the most interesting and complex individuals. Hamilton needs creatives with stories to tell, who are extremely versatile, and who know how to play on a team and be a part of the family. 

Tyler is known for the positivity and light he brings into the room. People enjoy spending time with him and he has many close friends in the Hamilverse. "My superpower is keeping the room light and fun", he says.


Why do you wear Blundstones?

I travel a lot, I use my body consistently, and I still know how to have a good time. I bring my Blundstones everywhere because whether it’s on a plane, in a rehearsal, or treating myself to an after show beverage with some friends exploring new cities - doing it all in my Blundstones is ALWAYS the answer.

"I'm a story teller and I'm always in process. I have learned so much by watching New Yorkers. We are all telling a story here with the way we move."




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