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Wolf Ceramics

Ceramics Studio, Hood River, OR

Creating ceramics and a constant source of fruitful collaborations and connections with other small businesses, to hand throw, glaze, pack and ship ceramic orders all around Oregon and throughout the US.

How did Wolf Ceramics begin?

In starting her business, Sarah worried she might find herself lonely, working alone in the studio every day. Soon she discovered the opposite was true! Producing ceramics has been a constant source of fruitful collaborations and connections with other small business. As the business has grown, customers have become friends and friends have become customers, making the web of community and connection feels stronger and stronger.

As Wolf Ceramics has grown and changed, Sarah’s values remain steadfast. We are here to make goods that we are proud of, both for their function and their beauty. We want to make goods that our customers will find joy in using for years to come and we had better have fun while doing it. A commitment to fair and caring work environment is at the core of Sarah’s philosophy. The price points of our handmade ceramics are dictated by carefully calculating the time and energy that go into each piece, supporting a fair and decent wage for all of our team members.


What inspires your team?

Aesthetic inspirations include... The colors, shapes, and patterns seen in textiles. The colors of the natural world, like the contrast of our raw, tactile clay next to our satin white or blue glaze. I'm also inspired by the concept that something we make might fulfill a simple need for a certain type of vessel in a restaurant, and the idea that using beautiful, handmade objects can enhance our everyday experiences in small but meaningful ways.

At the core, I just love making useful and beautiful things and, above all, it feels important to do this in a way that puts the people on my team first. That means a supportive work environment and company culture that allows people to take good care of their bodies. 

We love making goods that people are excited to have! Projects with restaurants and chefs are so much fun and usually offer a good creative challenge, which always leads to new ideas and creative breakthroughs. Pulling our online orders on shipping day and seeing all of the fun sets and combinations that people are ordering all over the country gets me excited too! I also feel excited and motivated when my team has a good day, whether its a day with a lot of laughter or when we work very efficiently together.


Why do you wear Blundstones?

I have been wearing Blundstones for almost a decade. They are comfortable for my work day, for a hike after work, and they go with everything!

"Being outside and in the mountains, in the woods is a huge part of my life, it feeds my soul. I think it inspires my work, when I'm feeling happy and alive from the world around me, then I feel more creative energy."




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