Winter weather is bringing snow, along with cold temperatures across the country and not just the north eastern part of the US, but well into the midwest and south, even the west coast, we can see that winter boot season is here.  However, as noted in Spy Magazine's "The Informant: The Chelsea Boots That Survive New York City Winters" the weather, along with the post-storm salt, and the streets of NYC can destroy a pair of boots. An exception to the rule, cites Spy Magazine, is the Blundstone Chelsea Boot.

The article talks about our brand history, along with key aspects of its durable, comfortable, do-everything boots. After several winters, they have stayed "rugged enough to withstand rain, sleet, or snow" thanks to the water-resistant leather, while wearable across settings whether social or in the office during the winter days.  It highlights the L.L. Bean & Blundstone Collaboration Boot, along with the Blundstone #510 Black Leather Boots.

Take on the winter weather of NYC or anywhere else, with our range of women's winter boots and men's winter boots here.  And view our coverage in Spy Magazine.