Extended range launched following global success

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Australia’s most iconic boot brand, Blundstone has revealed a new-look campaign, fronted by renowned local model and Instagram superstar Stephanie Claire Smith.

Twenty-one year old Smith, known as @stephclairesmith to her more than 680,000 Instagram followers, fronts the campaign that heralds a fresh approach, with an extended selection of the coveted street wear Urbans range of women’s, men’s and kids’ products now available on home shores.

The Blundstone Urbans range has already attracted a cult-like following overseas, with one in 15 Israelis buying a pair last year and demand in USA and Europe increasing year on year.

Stephanie Claire Smith says, “I genuinely love Blundstone boots and grew up in them, so working with the team to highlight their Urbans range was a no-brainer for me. It’s great to mix things up when it comes to style and blunnies give my outfits an instant urban twist – and the pops of colour make the boots a lot of fun too.

“They are so easy to pair with florals, denim or a leather jacket – the earthy tones of many Blundstone styles are easy to match with everything, from shorts to dresses to jeans! And they’re the perfect boot to kick off at the end of the day,” says Smith.

Blundstone CEO, Steve Gunn says following on from extensive growth in international markets, Blundstone’s goal is to replicate the success the brand has had overseas to make the boots a cult fashion product; and Gunn believes Smith is the perfect individual to lead this.

“Stephanie’s effortless style and down-to-earth attitude is what appealed to us. Combining authentic heritage and contemporary style has been a constant throughout our history – she is the right brand fit for Blundstone, representing the new young, urban, creative market we’re proud to support,” Gunn says.

The Blundstone Urbans range includes a strong mix of industrial utility with colourful leather and elastics. Traditionally known for their high quality work boots, the company’s Urbans range touches a new audience of fashion conscious Aussies.

“From Brooklyn to Berlin, people love the Blundstone Urbans range which has styles that combine serious cool factor with quality workmanship – taking looks from day to night, with both comfort and style in mind,” says Gunn.

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