Blundstone was featured today in Forbes, on an articled titled "From Humble Beginnings To Cult Status: This Brand Is Celebrating 150 Years."

The piece talks about how John and Eliza Blundstone started the business back in 1870 and that the footwear company is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2020.

“There are only a handful of brands that have been in existence for 150 years and an even smaller number that remain family-owned,” Blundstone CEO Steve Gunn mentions in the article. It also talks about the campaign for the 150th anniversary being launched today and Forbes notes that like a fine wine, Blundstone boots get better with age, which is one of the reasons why the classic silhouettes are still the foundation for the brand’s latest designs which include its classic Chelsea Boot for men and women

From a full days work to festival boots and everyday wear, Gunn explains that “Blundstone fits into the current fashion landscape because of the shift in practicality and function over style — there is an appreciation for an insider brand with authenticity and a genuine story." 

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