GQ asked some of the top NYC based fashion insiders about their favorite boots, only to find one similarity, the same shoes, or actually boots were on some of them, the Blundstone 500s.  Citing Blundstone Mens 500's as "The Flyest Shoes in Fashion Right Now" and coming in at prices under $200, the GQ team talked about how Blundstone's handled the rough NYC winter it just experienced, but also how they work on nicer days too. 

In the era of "teched-out sneakers" - Blundstones are a "go-to" for several of the commentators. Fashion Editor Jon Tietz mentions the Blundstone 500 as his shoe of choice, having worn them for many years, going back to the Blunnie days and noting that "you just slide in and rock ’n’ roll when you need to run out the door" along with the ability to wear them no matter what the weather.

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