James Hills from Mantripping mentioned a few of our boots over at "Blundstone Super 550 Boots Are Ready For Adventure." He mentions that Blundstone's are "a great pair of boots that is stylish, rugged, and has a great story and deep heritage behind it."

The author takes the boots on an adventure along the California coast, exploring Big Sur and Carmel, and noting how the stitching, soles and materials were ready for the road trip, the dust and even the driving experience, along with beyond the road, such as while "walking in sand, rocks, and hiking up some hills." In addition to the Chelsea Boots, he takes a look at the work boot range also.

"I honestly can't say enough about how much I love these boots. They are the absolute perfect combination of comfort and style."  Thanks for the mention, you can also read more at https://www.mantripping.com/style-and-fashion/blundstone-super-550-boots-are-ready-for-adventure.html