Bruna Papandrea, producer of movies and shows such as Gone Girl, Wild, and Big Little Lies was featured in The Cut today in an article titled "What the Producer of Big Little Lies and The Undoing Wears to Work — and to Accept Golden Statues Bruna Papandrea is a Blundstone devotee."

Along with hit shows such as The Undoing and Nine Perfect Strangers, she talks about upcoming productions such as Pieces of Her, Long Slow Exhale, Anatomy of a Scandal, and Roar. She also talks about what she wears on set, noting "there’s an Australian work boot called a Blundstone. They’re amazing. They get better with age, like all of us. My husband and I have the same shoe size, and we have exactly the same Blundstones. I’m always putting his on by mistake and vice versa."

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