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  1. Brooklyn Grange

    Brooklyn Grange Urban Farm & Blundstone, Featured on NYC WPIX 11 News

    A rooftop urban farm in the heart of Brooklyn called Brooklyn Grange was featured on WPIX, Channel 11 news in NYC today. During the Coronavirus pandemic, due ta decrease of restaurant orders, Blundstone and Rethink Food NYC worked on a new system to bring food to community kitchens where access to fresh, nutritious meals was limited.

    View the news clip on WPIX 11 here

  2. Our Belief in Life & Human Rights

    Our Belief in Life & Human Rights

    We acknowledge that these past weeks have been a time of reflection for us at Blundstone. ⁣⁣
    The death of George Floyd and the following events have laid bare the continued issues of racism and injustice that occur in the world which we do not and will not sanction.⁣⁣
    At Blundstone our belief is that all people are entitled to the same treatment and protection, the same opportunities in life and the same core human rights. This is more than a belief; it is a responsibility. ⁣⁣
    We take responsibility for the workplaces and cultures we create. We take responsibility for our own actions and for the actions of partners taken on our behalf. We support organizations committed to tackle discrimination and provide opportunities for all.⁣⁣
    We are by no means perfect and we must make every step better than our last, for our communities today and tomorrow.⁣⁣

  3. Support Bushfire Relief On Australia Day At Our Brooklyn Pop Up Store

    Support Bushfire Relief On Australia Day At Our Brooklyn Pop Up Store

    New Yorkers can stop by the Williamsburg Pop-up on 1/26 to support the cause. $50 from every pair of boots sold will be donated to the Salvation Army Australia. And in-store you can enjoy personalized boot embossing and complimentary coffee from Coffee 'N Clothes.