1. The Best Chelsea Boots According to Racked (and Blundstone)

    The Best Chelsea Boots According to Racked (and Blundstone)

    Racked, one of the most popular shopping, beauty and fashion websites in the US - looked at a top 10 list of Chelsea Boots (in no particular order) for the holiday season up-ahead as we get closer to the Thanksgiving shopping weekend and Cyber Monday.

    Womens Super 550 Boots were featured here in Racked on the list of best Chelsea Boots and you can get a pair of these Super 550 Boots in various colors including Navy Blue, here: http://www.blundstone.com/shop/navy-blue-rub-premium-leather-chelsea-boots-womens-style-1430

    The Navy Blue leather boots are also available for men at http://www.blundstone.com/shop/navy-blue-rub-premium-leather-chelsea-boots-mens-style-1430

  2. Vamp Footwear Discusses Spring 2018 Boots with Blundstone

    Vamp Footwear Discusses Spring 2018 Boots with Blundstone

    Blundstone was featured in Vamp Footwear in an article that talks about the introduction of our lightest boot to date for Spring 2018 - "a shorter version of its iconic Chelsea boot with a newly developed Fleatherflex sole that delivers comfort and a weightless experience."

    Joe Carfora, Blundstone global range manager, mentions “The goal is to create product that enables people to go anywhere, do anything, any time of the year. Blundstone’s summer season offering is unique in that there aren’t many options at market for a Chelsea style boot during the hotter months.”

    Emily Goldman from Vamp also interviewed Blundstone's Global Head of Brand, Design and Consumer Engagement - Adam Blake, where they discuss the current innovations and upcoming campaigns from Blundstone. 

    Read the full article over at: http://vampfootwear.com/blundstone-on-the-debut-of-its-lightest-boot-yet-eg/

  3. Outside in Coats Talks About Boot History & The Blundstone 550

    Outside in Coats Talks About Boot History & The Blundstone 550

    Thanks to Blaine Eldredge at Outside in Coats for featuring Blundstone boots on his site. With a little bit of boot history to start out the article, he mentions how well Blundstone fits the foot, as well as how its durability has helped it become popular with "motorcyclists as well as pipe-fitters carpenters and bass guitarists."

    From an endurance perspective, he notes that "everything in the boot is a gesture towards immortality, a stark defiance of time" and that it has a look that would feel "in" no matter what the era.

    Read more and view a range of photos at http://outsideincoats.com/2017/04/27/the-best-blundstone-boot-the-550-and-experiment-in-immortality/

  4. Endurance Review Website Features Blundstone Ducati Boots

    Endurance Review Website Features Blundstone Ducati Boots

    Blundstone boots were featured in late March 2017 on Endurance Review, a blog that focuses on running, biking and the endurance sport lifestyle overall. The site took a closer look at the Ducati Scrambler Limited edition series and its "unique styling and construction that makes it a one of a kind."

    From its comfort and shock absorption ability, to its removable footbeds with extra XRD® Technology in the heel pad - Gelder Lewis notes that it is well worth the investment, as well as the pair of boots being "an attractive boot for any motorcycle enthusiast", "can handle a hike and are great for camping" and "It is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn!"

    Read the full article at: http://endurancereview.com/lifestyle/blundstone-ducati-scrambler-limited-edition-boots/

    And find the Style 800 Ducati Scrambler

  5. Beckham in Blundstones

    Beckham in Blundstones

    Recognised globally as a style icon, David Beckham has fast become a fan of his Blundstone 1306s.

    Declared the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine, we're happy that he's added Blundstone to his fashion bible admired the world over.

  6. Extended Range Launched Following Global Success

    Extended Range Launched Following Global Success


    Australia’s most iconic boot brand, Blundstone has revealed a new-look campaign, fronted by renowned local model and Instagram superstar Stephanie Claire Smith.

    Twenty-one year old Smith, known as @stephclairesmith to her more than 680,000 Instagram followers, fronts the campaign that heralds a fresh approach, with an extended selection of the coveted street wear Urbans range of women’s, men’s and kids’ products now available on home shores.

    The Blundstone Urbans range has already attracted a cult-like following overseas, with one in 15 Israelis buying a pair last year and demand in USA and Europe increasing year on year.

    Stephanie Claire Smith says, “I genuinely love Blundstone boots and grew up in them, so working with the team to highlight their Urbans range was a no-brainer for me. It’s great to mix things up when it comes

  7. Good Design Awards Winner

    Good Design Awards Winner

    The Blundstone 980 Underground Mining Boot won Best in Category at the 2015 Good Design Awards (Product Design - Commercial and Industrial) as well as the prestigious Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (Powerhouse Museum) Design Award 2015 for excellence in Australian product design.

    The awards are Australia's oldest and most prestigious for design and innovation. The Judges commented: "The Blundstone 980 Underground Mining Boot represents a true understanding of the end user. This is true design excellence in every regard and a showcase of what good design can bring to a very challenging project with tough customers. The Blundstone Mining Boot is a beautifully resolved product that has clearly gone through a professional design process."

    Since 1992, the Powerhouse Museum has recognised excellence in Australian product design with its own Design Award and Selection as part of the annual Australian Good Design Awards. The Museum displays the winning products

  8. Collaboration with Ducati

    Collaboration with Ducati