Blundstone, Brooklyn Grange & Rethink Food NYC

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on people, families and businesses across the globe. It is in unprecedented times like these, that we appreciate each member of our community even more and embrace the resilient and caring spirit that has served us well for over a 150 years, as a business and most importantly, as individuals.

When we see someone else doing something that inspires us, excites us, or is just plain awesome, we like nothing more than helping them keep on doing it.  That is why we are excited to bepartnering with our friends at Brooklyn Grange, in delivering their seasonal harvest to Rethink Food NYC, a charitable organization dedicated to providing healthy meals to those most affected by the pandemic.

We are providing funds to get this program off the ground, covering the cost to harvest thousands of pounds of vegetables over the next 20 weeks, all of which will be donated to Rethink Food NYC. But, by making a tax deductible donation, you can help us make an even deeper impact and serve greater numbers of those in need. This program not only feeds those struggling with food access, it also creates and sustains jobs that will allow our ecosystem of independent food businesses to survive. Help us keep farmers in the field, restaurant cooks on the line, and food on the tables of those who need it most.


Brooklyn Grange owns and operates the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located on three roofs in New York City. We will be sponsoring the Brooklyn Grange Community Supported Agriculture Program this season. This sponsorship will allow Brooklyn Grange to do the amazing work they do, dedicating resources to grow crops that will be donated to our friends at Rethink Food NYC.


Rethink Food NYC is a non-profit that has set-up operations for emergency food management in response to the ongoing pandemic. Focused on feeding those most heavily impacted by the virus, Rethink Food NYC leverages local restaurants to prepare the meals they supply, stimulating the local economy and keeping restaurants open who otherwise may have been forced to close.


For 150 years, from the farm fields of Tasmania, to back-of-house operations at cherished local restaurants and businesses around the globe, Blundstone takes pride in supporting passionate creators and do-ers who are on their feet all day in service of their communities.​ We celebrate the resilient spirit of community and aim to inspire our extended family of Blundstone wearers to donate to Rethink Food, so we may emerge from this pandemic more

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