Analiese Gregory


Growing up on her family’s dairy farm in New Zealand’s North Island, Analiese Gregory was dubbed ‘The Goat Whisperer’ by her parents. Since then she’s crossed continents (several times), worked in some of the world’s most exciting restaurants, and has accrued a long list of personal achievements. She now finds herself living back in the country, with a rabbit, some chickens and a herd of misbehaving goats (although she’s not quite ‘The Goat Whisperer’ just yet). 

Analiese cut her culinary teeth with the likes of Michael Bras in France, working in kitchens in England, running a pop up restaurant in Fes, Morocco, and working alongside Peter Gilmore for several years in Sydney’s Quay restaurant. An offer too good to refuse moved her to Tasmania and Analiese became head chef at Franklin. Analiese made her mark on the restaurant and saw Franklin receive two hats under her kitchen guidance.

"What I get most excited about with cooking is probably going to markets and finding produce that makes me want to cook it. When you have really great ingrediants, the desire to cook them is there."

"The thing I love most about Tasmania is the wildness of it. The mountains, the uncharted coastline, the places where there’s no cellphone reception and you feel like people have never been."

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